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Sulis Remedy Makers make digital remedies, which simulate energetically a homeopathic remedy. Being digital the remedies are very precise and Sulis owners often tell us that their patients need less remedies than they would if they had used pharmacy remedy. They are used worldwide by professional homeopaths to make an instant remedy to suit their patient’s needs.

Sulis currently manufactures 3 types of Remedy Maker in the UK. They are based on over 20 years research into the electro-alchemy industry. The three models are shown below with a brief description. You can find more details by clicking on the Remedy Maker you are interested in, or clicking the 'products' page. You can buy our instruments directly from our online shop.

Making a Remedy
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MK3 Light Pen
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Sulis MK3
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Sulis MK3
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MK1 in Case
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Remedy Makers

Sulis MK1

This very small Remedy Maker is designed to be ultra portable, It makes remedies in any potency X, C. LM, M, MM. It does not have a copy facility, so can only be used to make a remedy for which we have a 'rate'.

Weighing in at 0.7 kg and not much bigger than a computer tablet it is ideal for the professional homeopath when travelling or patients who can make remedies suggested by their Homoepath.


The most popular Remedy Maker is used by Professional Homoepaths. This instrument makes any remedy in any potancy X, C,LM,M,MM. It has a copy facilty that allows the user to copy any exisiting remedy or substance and the ability to combine mutiple remedies into one tablet or liquid.

Weighing in at 2.0 kg this instrument is light enough to be carried wherever needed and comes with an array of empty bottles to store remedies.


The Sulis MK3 has much more functionality than the other two instruments. As well as the copying and memory functions of the MK2, the MK3 has the option of making K remedies, input and output leads and an antidote reduction capability.

The output lead on this instrument allows practitioners to give remedies directly to the patients skin, and to acupuncture points for which we have rates.This can also prove helpful in reaching places where oral remedies are not having the desired effect such as toxic or injured areas.