User Feedback

David Needleman BScPharm MRPharmS LCH MARH DCN FACACN FBIH Consulting Pharmacist & Homeopath

"Like many Homeopaths I was always a little sceptical about remedies that were made by machine until 1 saw dramatic changes.
The first was a plumber who had pulled muscles and a possible frozen shoulder, he could not raise his arm above shoulder level. I made a remedy for him with the machine and within 5 minutes he said "what have you done to me?" and pointed to the ceiling, with no pain or impairment of movement. His symptoms have never returned.
The second was even more dramatic. This was a 3 month old child who was completely non responsive.

John Armitage AKA Hari Baba

"I have been using these machines now for over a year and find them to be the best on the market today. I love the remedies it makes often you only need one dose where you often had to repeat with other machines.
We have them in service in Africa, Europe, Asia, and the UK, they are well built and tough, I have travelled the world with them and they can take rough treatment in their stride.
In short I love them and would recommend them to anybody thinking about buying a machine of this kind...
Thanks again I can't wait for the MK 3 to arrive."

M Caldwell - UK

"A friend of mine and I have compared the use of my machine to the older analog machine she uses and her patients have notice a significantly positive difference in the Sulis machine. It also requires a lower potency for certain patients that for one reason or another in the past have required higher potencies"

C Smith - UK

"..I wanted to mention that I am absolutely  delighted with the Remedy Maker machine - for me one of its most amazing assets is that I have a whole homoeopathic pharmacy at my fingertips at all times. Thank you ....."

Dr Georgiou

"It is difficult to determine precisely the quality of the remedies using the frequencies, but most of them seem to be working fine as I test them on my children often. The ones made using original homeopathic remedies are certainly up to scratch"